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Roland GR-300 Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer (ALL FUNCTIONS WORK but untested with Guitar)


Roland GR-300 Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer (ALL FUNCTIONS WORK but untested with Guitar)


Roland GR-300 Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer

Unit is from a Recently Shut Down Recording studio, does not come with guitar cable.

The GR-300 is an analog guitar synthesizer released by Roland Corporation back in 1980 and continued to be one of the best pieces of analog guitar synthesis equipment for a long time. Roland advertised the GR-300 as a synthesizer that is able to produce effects and nuances that were impossible for the keyboard synthesizers of the time to easily produce.

Any guitarist can play the GR-300, using all standard guitar playing techniques, including: hammering, glissandos, harmonics, chopping, etc.

The GR-300 produes effects and nuances which keyboard synthesizers cannot easily produce.

It is very easy to produce from simple or complex solo sounds to the sounds of a huge band or orcehstra. All major functions are controlled with foot switches and require no hands.

  • Small, complact unit (like an effects box) with all electronic-type foot-controlled switching of major functions: good for live performance.
  • Produces stable effects for all styles of guitar playing which, up to now where impossible: hammering, glissando, chopping, etc.
  • Totally polyphonic: one VCO for each string.
  • Instant and accurate transposing to two preset pitches.
  • duet switch for chorus effect.
  • Polyphonic distortion for new clarity, even with chords.
  • Synthesizer ON/OFF for each string.
  • 1 Roland GR-300 Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer
  • USED
  • Very good physical condition (with signs of wear around unit)
  • Missing knob on Attack time
  • Powers on, ALL Button/Knob FUNCTIONS WORK
  • not fully tested with guitar therefore cannot be listed as excellent working condition
  • 20 x 18 x 8"
  • 8 kg


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