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Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect Closed Back Headphones


Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect Closed Back Headphones


Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect Closed Back Headphones


The newly developed HD 300 PROtect delivers huge depth of detail, even in the loudest of environments. Whether you are editing, playing or composing; whether you’re behind a drum kit or a mixing desk; the HD 300 PROtect provides incredible wearing comfort and the incredibly detailed sound required to make good decisions.

The HD 300 PROtect adds Sennheiser’s patented ActiveGard™ technology, for advanced protection from peak levels above 110 dB. With ActiveGard™, disruptive or harmful peaks are brought down to a safe level, preserving clarity and control at all times. The HD 300 PROtect satisfies European EC noise directives on industrial safety and noise control while safeguarding hearing for all production staff, even in the event of big surprises.

Viscoelastic earpads and specially sealed acoustic elements provide efficient shielding against external noise. A high level of wearing comfort is ensured by optimum pressure distribution and a recess for the fontanelle. Structure borne noise is filtered out through a coiled cable directly by the earpiece.


  • Patented sound compression system consisting of a sophisticated electrical circuit incorporated into analogue headsets.
  • Utilizes a compression technology to remove the energy from an excessive incoming signal transmitted through the communication system, leaving the signal free of distortion.
  • Can be compared to an automatic and fast-working “intelligent” volume control. If an incoming signal rises to a level that is harmful to your hearing, it is instantly “turned down” to a lower, more comfortable level.
  • When the incoming signal returns to safe levels, ActiveGard™ reverts to its stand-by surveillance mode and volume is restored to its original level.

Nameplates for Customization

  • The HD 300 PRO Series headphones can be customized with a company logo or user name.
  • Minimum order quantity for customization is 10 pcs; contact us for more details.


  • High-resolution and distortion-free sound for professional monitoring
  • Linear frequency response
  • Efficient, passive noise attenuation
  • Robust design
  • Entirely field replaceable components
  • HD 300 PROtect with switchable Active Gard hearing protection satisfies international directives on industrial safety and noise control

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